10 facts about St. Joseph Missouri
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10 Facts about St. Joseph Missouri You Didn’t Know

St. Joseph, Missouri, is popular in history as the gateway of the Gold Rush-era. With its slogan of “Made with Uncommon Character”, St. Joseph has become a trading post for the Western cities. Here are the 10 facts about St. Joseph Missouri you didn’t know.

1. Jesse James’ Last Place

The first of 10 facts about St. Joseph Missouri is about Jesse James. Jesse James was one of many outlaws in the Gold Rush Era. St. James became Jesse James’s last place where the West began and was ended by his death.

2. Has 14 Museums

St. Joseph is famous for its history. It is not surprising that it is home to 14 museums such as Glore Psychiatric Museum and The Doll Museums.

3. The Birthplace of Eminem and TV News Anchor, Walter Cronkite

St. Joseph Missouri is the birthplace of the famous rapper, Eminem. It is also the birthplace of Walter Cronkite who is famous for becoming the CBS Evening News.

4. Harry Potter Themed Bed and Breakfast

Not only about old history, it is also the new historical place where you can find a bed and breakfast with the sensation of Harry Potter’s magical world.

5. The Birthplace of Famous Chocolate Cherry Mash Candy

Not only becoming the birthplace of a famous rapper and a news anchor, it is also where the Cherry Mash Candy first produced under G.W. Chase and Son Mercantile.

6. The Origin of Aunt Jemima Pancakes

Have you ever tasted Aunt Jemima Pancakes before? It was also first found in St. Joseph Kitchen in 1889. Then it was first produced for the public in 1913.

7. The Famous Murals of History and Cultures

One of 10 facts about St. Joseph Missouri is this place where you can find several buildings with colorful murals. It celebrates the history and the culture of St. Joseph that made the city more rich.

8. One of The Oldest Local Mini Golf

St. Joseph Missouri is also the home of one of the oldest local mini golf complex, Cool Crest. It was first opened in 1948. It is still in operation today and has become one of the oldest forms of entertainment in St. Joseph.

9. Drink Tea With The Witches

In St. Joseph, you can have something special with your tea. You can enjoy your tea in a museum with a costume, spell and the witches. It is held annually in the Albrecht-Kemper Museum.

10. Party in Parkway

Not only rich in history and cultures, St. Joseph also offers parties. What makes it special, you can find parties on Parkway. There, you will find love, music and food.

St. Joseph Missouri is rich in historical places and also entertainment. The 10 facts about St. Joseph Missouri above will give you ideas how to enjoy the city.

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