Knoxville Festivals You Have To Experience
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15 Knoxville Festivals You Have to Experience

Knoxville, Tennessee, is a city of diverse. It has many cultural events and friendly communities. Not to mention the festivals we can enjoy every year. Here are the 15 Knoxville festivals you have to experience

1. Knox Asian Festival

The first Knoxville festivals you have to experience is the Knox Asian Festival. Diversity is part of Knoxville. Knox Asian Festival shows the rich cultures of Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, China, India and many more.

2. Greek Fest

Held in Saint George Orthodox Church every year, Greek Fest is the most recommended festival for Hellenic culture lovers. It is held for a week and offers many traditions of Greece such as dances and many.

3. HoLa Festival

HoLa Festival is the bigges festival in Knoxville. It celebrates the Latin American Arts and Cultures akso the Hispanic Heritage month. It is full of dances, musics, fireworks amd also Parade of the Nations. Superb!

4. Rossini Festival

The next Knoxville festivals you have to experience is Rossini Festival. This festival offers more than 700 artists on five different stages to perfom songs, choirs and many. It is the perfect festival for music lovers.

5. Kuumba Festival

Kuumba Festival is an event held hy African American Appalachian Arts Inc. It is an organization that focuses on social and community development. It is held in three different parts of Knoxville every year.

6. Irish Fest on the Hill

Next is Irish Fest in The Hill. By the name, you know that it is an event full of Irish cultures like music and dancing, Irish food and also the beer. 

7. Mardi Growl

Fashion lovers are invited to join and experience the creativities of Knoxville communities in Mardi Growl. It is a costume contest and dog show you cannot miss. 

8. Dollyfest

Have you ever heard of Dolly Parton? Knoxville respects the queen of the country by holding this Dollyfest. It is sponsored by nonprofit organization, Imagination Library, to support gifts books for children,

9. Bike, Boar, Brew and Bark

This festival is seriously great for those who loves outdoor activities. Knoxville is a great place with great natural environment. This is why the fest exists.

10. Dogwood Arts

Next is Dogwood Arts, it is an annual event happens every April when the dogwood trees bloom. It is considered as one of the oldest annual event held in Knoxville.

11. Southern Skies

Southern Skies is another music fest in Knoxville. What makes it different is this event comes to courtesy local performers. Yet, it also has other activities such as local market, craft beer and others,

12. Big Ears

Not enough with two or three music events, Knoxville also has Big Ears. It is a music festival held every spring and offers many live performances to enjoy.

13. Knox Pridefest

Knox Pridefest is an event to celebrate Knoxville’s LGBTQ+ community. It is an annual event that shows parade, party, drag queen performances, and many more.

14. Festival on The 4th

The 4th is definitely important for America and Americans. Here in Knoxville, you will have a patriotic experience by the performance of the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra and amazing fireworks. Don’t forget to enjoy other activities such as food vendors and more.

15. Christmas in The City

Christmas is also a special day in Knoxville. Here you’ll meet Santa Claus, beautiful Christmas ornaments and of course a Christmas Parade. That’s all the Knoxville festivals you have to experience through the year.

Festivals are not only about the celebration but it is also the way to express something that matters in the community. The 15 Knoxville festivals you have to experience above are worth watching.

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