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5 Best Beaches In Florida And Tips On Where To Stay

Best Beaches In Florida And What To Do With Tips On Where To Stay. Here are some of the Best Beaches in Florida that I have visited.

Here are 5 of the best beaches in Florida that you can consider

I will discuss 5 best beaches in Florida namely Fort Lauderdale Beach, Clearwater Beach, Playalinda Beach, Henderson Beach State Park, and Panama City Beach.

1. Fort Lauderdale Beach

Fort Lauderdale beach one of the best beaches in Florida has an amazing view as a beach tour. I came here to relax, cool off and there are plenty of great food and hotel options you can find in Fort Lauderdale Beach.

If you like the tourist vibe of Miami but want a more sophisticated, more mature area to relax and enjoy the sea then I recommend Fort Lauderdale Beach for your relaxation.

My first time to Fort Lauderdale Beach was a bit skeptical about this beach full of seaweed as the hotel staff told me. But when I got to Fort Lauderdale Beach I thought it was clean and beautiful!

best beaches in Florida Fort Lauderdale Beach

I think Fort Lauderdale Beach is quieter and less crowded than Miami beaches in general.

This place is Ideal to ride your bike and leave it in the parking lot then relax, and read a book at a leisurely pace.

These are the best hotels in Fort Lauderdale Beach

Sonesta Fort Lauderdale Beach: Hotel Sonesta has great interpersonal skills and I needed a break and that’s what made me book a room here who took care of my spirits so well until I checked out and had a great impression of this place near best beaches in Florida.

2. Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach one of the best beaches in Florida has white sand and very clear mid-70s water temperatures that you can enjoy while taking long walks on the beach and not needing a car.

Walking on Clearwater Beach you may find some restaurants here and can rest then take a boat, meet dolphins, fish.

I love Clearwater Beach because it is always a great vacation spot and the sand is so soft when it touches our skin and makes for a great beach relaxation.

best beaches in Florida Clearwater Beach

At Clearwater Beach everything is within walking distance so everything is simple and hassle free also having a trolley to take you around.

These are the best hotels in Clearwater Beach

Shephard’s Beach Resort: I always have a great time at Shephard’s Resort with Live music, jet ski rental, Tiki bar, nice swimming pool are just some of the facilities that I enjoy with my friends.

3. Playa Linda Beach

Playa Linda Beach one of the best beaches in Florida is a beautiful place to watch a rocket launch if you are curious and want to see it.

best beaches in Florida Playa Linda Beach

Until there we can see from the start if lucky to see the launch and at Playa Linda Beach we can collect shells giving you a wide variety of colorful and exotic shells.

These are the Best Resorts on Playa Linda Beach

Playa Linda Beach Resort: I love Playa Linda Resort which has a perfect location and the resort is very tropical with so much to do and so many places to visit here.

4. Henderson Beach State Park

I visited this Henderson Beach State Park one of the best beaches in Florida three times during my stay in the area and it was a pleasant experience all three times.

Henderson Beach State Park often has beautiful waves and lots of small fish swimming nearby but it’s harmless but you should be aware if the waves are high.

Also at Henderson Beach State Park there is a button jellyfish memorial but when I did a stretch around it didn’t see anything in the water.

best beaches in Florida Henderson Beach State Park

I highly recommend you to vacation at Henderson Beach State Park because I think the cost is reasonable and bathrooms, picnic pavilions and toilets are fully available here.

Henderson Beach State Park has ample parking, the facilities are always clean and the beach area has plenty of room to spread out and the park staff do a professional job of keeping the place clean and visitors safe and comfortable.

These are the Best Hotels near Henderson Beach State Park

The Henderson Beach Resort: The Henderson Resort is a beautiful place where it is a cross between secluded but also right in the middle of all things fun.

The Henderson Resort staff are pleasant and helpful apart from that it has a beautiful loft and has all the amenities you need to feel at home if you stay here.

5. Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach does not disappoint with its clean and beautiful beaches and makes our minds calm when we are there.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Panama City Beach is one of the best beaches in America and of course one of the best beaches in Florida.

If you crave a beautiful soft white sand beach then this Panama City Beach is one of the right beaches you are looking for.

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best beaches in Florida Panama City Beach

The sunsets on Panama City Beach are world class if I say and the beach is very clean and family friendly.

You can rent a jet ski, beach chair or Parasail on Panama City Beach and lots of shopping and restaurants.

These are the best hotels in Panama City Beach

Plaza Paitilla Inn: Hotel Plaza Paitilla Inn may be old but it doesn’t show it because I see here it is very well maintained, and the rooms have a beautiful view, the food is amazing.

That’s the story of my experience while on vacation at the best beach in Florida.

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