7 best cities to retire in Minnesota
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7 Best Cities to Retire in Minnesota [Update 2023]

Minnesota is one of the most popular states for retirees. Good quality of life and moderate cost of living also appeal to retirees. Minnesota’s population continues to grow and is estimated to be approximately 5.7 million in 2023, with an increasing number of retirees. Here are the 7 best cities to retire in Minnesota.

1. Hibbing

Hibbing is the first of 7 best cities to retire in Minnesota list. It is populated by 16,224. The costs of living in Hibbing is 40.4% less than Minneapolis. Here, you can enjoy a number of cultural and recreational sites, such as Hibbing Park and the Egyptian Center for the Arts. The city also offers beautiful natural scenery, with lush forests and rivers running around it.

Minneapolis Mn Usa
Minneapolis Mn Usa

2. Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids is a small town with about 11,000 of population. It offers many national parks such as Chippewa National Park. Grand Rapids has great views that are also supported by facilities for outdoor activities. Yet, Grand Rapids is 4% higher than the State Average.

3. Fairmont

The next 7 best cities to retire in Minnesota are Fairmont. Fairmont is considered a small town with a population of 10,446. Fairmont is known for farming and a trading city. Living in Fairmont is more affordable since the average is lower than Minnesota and cheaper than the US average.

4. New Ulm

With the population of 14,052, New Ulm is a great option for those who want to find serene retirement. New Ulm also offers affordable living costs compared to the average of Minnesota and the state average. New Ulm has a rich cultures especially for German-American community,

5. Mendota Heights

Mendota Heights has a population of 11,681 and it is considered as a small town. Yet, it has higher costs of living than Minnesota and US average. Mendota Heights offers a high quality and peaceful lifestyle with green surroundings and a family-friendly environment. 

6. Owatonna

Owatonna is also a small town in Minnesota. It is home to 26,366 people. Despite the smaller size of the city, Owatonna’s living costs are slightly more expensive than Minnesota. On the other hand, Owatonna offers a warm and friendly community especially for those who come there to live in.

7. Minnetonka

Minnetonka is home to 53,809 people with great views to live in. It is famous for Lake Minnetonka and parks such as Minnetonka Regional Amenity Park and Rupert Outer Park. Yet, living your retirement in Minnetonka needs more effort since its living cost is quite higher than Minnesota and US average.

Minnesota offers high quality lifestyles and a warm and friendly community for you to enjoy your retirement. May one of the 7 best cities to retire in Minnesota will be your next part of life.

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