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The 5 Best Beaches In Alabama And What To Do With Tips On Where To Stay

Best Beaches In Alabama And What To Do With Tips On Where To Stay. Here are some of the Best Beaches in Alabama that I have visited.

Here are the 5 best beaches in Alabama that you should know

I will discuss five best beaches in Alabama namely Gulf State Park, Orange Beach, Alabama Point East, Gulf Shores Public Beach, and Dauphin Island Public Beach.

1. Gulf State Park

Gulf State Park is a great site of one of the best beaches in Alabama which is nice with good distance between RV’s you can try.

Gulf State Park is about a mile to the beach or across the street. I was driving and parking is easy and free access here for Gulf State Park Camping.

Gulf State Park has a beautiful beach, and was not too crowded with visitors when I was here.

best beaches in Alabama Gulf State Park

In Gulf State Park there are many beautiful spots, wildlife, and very good facilities I can guarantee that.

These are the Best Hotels near Gulf State Park

Hampton Inn Gulf Shores: I was extremely satisfied from the moment I walked in the lobby door at the Hampton Inn Gulf Shores where I was greeted with a smiling face and very clean facilities.

At the Hampton Inn Gulf Shores they have very polite and friendly staff and when I arrived to our room you could see and smell that the room had been completely cleaned.

Hampton Inn Gulf Shores is conveniently located for all the beach activities, shopping and food near best beaches in Alabama.

And here are the Best Restaurants near Gulf State Park

The Hangout Gulf Shores: The Hangout Gulf Shores is very fun where there I can enjoy a Lifesaver burger which has an amazing taste.

The Hangout Gulf Shores is great fun for the family with a foam machine, various games while waiting or just relaxing listening to live music that accompanies me while eating.

2. Orange Beach

Then I went to Orange Beach which is one of the best beaches in Alabama for the first time in years and I was pleasantly surprised to see the new jetty and boardwalk along the water here.

I used to come to Orange Beach all the time with my dogs to take them to play in the refreshing waters here.

Orange Beach is a nice and clean beach area, lots of white sand lying there. The Orange Beach Waterfront Park area is great for those of you who might just be walking on the sand.

Again I love coming to Orange Beach and usually I come in January, April.

Orange Beach is a quiet beach that is not crowded with visitors and makes me always want to move here.

These are the best hotels near Orange Beach

Best Western Premier The Tides: Best Western Premier The Tides has very clean rooms, as is the whole building if I notice plus here the staff are very friendly and helpful.

At Best Western Premier Tides Beach looks so close it’s like a short walk from some of the places I’ve been in Orange Beach.

And here are the Best Restaurants near Orange Beach

Doc’s Seafood Shack and Oyster Bar: You can find incredibly large fried prawns at Doc’s Seafood Shack and Oyster Bar and it’s said to be the most famous place in the world.

3. Alabama Point East

Alabama Point East one of the best beaches in Alabama is a beautiful and natural beach which I think is very enjoyable here.

At Alabama Point East we might be a bit of a hike from the parking lot to the beach but I think it’s worth it.

However in Alabama Point East there was bad Jelly Fish during my visit however this place is a very nice beach in my opinion.

best beaches in Alabama Alabama Point East

Alabama Point East has a beach that is well maintained and clean by its professional stewards and I can say this best beaches in Alabama.

Alabama Point East is a great place for the kids because you can get off the bay beach where the winds and waves are strong and into a quieter area of ​​the bay which is just awesome.

At Alabama Point East I really enjoyed the beach day there and walked a long way off the pier, I suggest you bring good shoes and change in the sand here.

I had the same idea as dozens of other people in Alabama Point East, when I returned in the evening to take some beautiful photos of Alabama Point East.

These are the Best Hotels near Alabama Point East

Perdido Beach Resort: Staying at Perdido Beach Resort was very pleasant with Melody in the club level room was great and near best beaches in Alabama!

Perdido Beach Resort really goes out of their way to be friendly and do fun on my vacation and in my opinion this is a true gem for the resort.

And These Are The Best Restaurants Near Alabama Point East

Bubba’s Seafood House: I at Bubba’s Seafood House tasted the deliciousness of the food with fried pickles and the food here they are sliced ​​thinner than usual to perfection, and fried crispy which I can enjoy to the fullest.

4. Gulf Shores Public Beach

This was my first time on vacation to the Gulf Shores public beach which is one of the best beaches in Alabama and it was an amazing experience in my opinion.

Just like the other services I’ve come across why I go on vacation at Gulf Shores, this city does a fantastic job of keeping the city’s streets and beaches clean and welcoming for everyone who wants to vacation here.

On the Gulf Shores public beach I enjoyed a stroll on the city’s well-groomed beach and it was amazing to see.

best beaches in Alabama Gulf Shores Public Beach

On the Gulf Shores public beach there is high tide in and out and lots of seaweed but here the sand and water are good.

These Are The Best Hotels On The Gulf Shores Public Beach You Can Find

The Lodge at Gulf State Park: The Lodge at Gulf State Park I think is an amazing place to go for a family vacation close to the best beaches in Alabama.

The Lodge at Gulf State Park is perfectly located right on the beach, away from the condo buildings in the area with activities at the park, which is right across the street, and everyone I met on staff was very friendly and helpful at the time.

And Here Are The Best Restaurants Near Gulf Shores Public Beach

Bahamas Bob’s Beach Side Café: Bahamas Bob’s Beach Side Café has great food where I ordered the Po boy fish sandwich with French Fries, Gumbo Bowl, Hamburger, Coconut Shrimp and Cole slaw and the staples here have the best food.

5. Dauphin Island Public Beach

Dauphin Island Public Beach one of the best beaches in Alabama has calmer, shallower waves for you to enjoy.

Dauphin Island Public Beach There is a sandbar so you can get out far enough safely and comfortably and here you will see lots of fish jumping and swimming in the waves.

best beaches in Alabama Dauphin Island Public Beach

At Dauphin Island Public Beach you can take a trail that has many stairs at the end or walk along the sand dunes to get to the beautiful beach.

These are the best hotels near Dauphin Island Public Beach

Hampton Inn Fairhope: The Hampton Inn Fairhope is within walking distance of great restaurants and quirky local shops and has great rooms overall.

The front desk at the Hampton Inn Fairhope are very friendly and take good care of sanitation so by far the best part of the stay is the location and it makes a great choice for a local experience and near best beaches in Alabama .

And This Is The Best Restaurant On Dauphin Island Public Beach

Skinner’s Seafood: Skinner’s Seafood is where I stop to eat when I’m on vacation exploring the island.

Skinner’s Seafood does not disappoint where there is a wide variety of food that you can eat here.

At Skinner’s Seafood I enjoy my favorite dishes such as scallops and red snapper perfectly steamed, along with scrumptious corn and potatoes.

That’s the story of my experience while vacationing at the best beaches in Alabama.

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