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4 Best Beaches In Connecticut And What To Do With Tips On Where To Stay

Best Beaches In Connecticut And What To Do With Tips On Where To Stay. Here are some of the Best Beaches in Connecticut that I have visited.

Here are 4 of the best beaches in Connecticut that are beautiful in my opinion

I will discuss 4 best beaches in Connecticut namely Compo Beach, Hammonasset Beach State Park, Dubois Beach, and Calf Pasture Beach.

1. Compo Beach

Some of my friends have lived in Westport for almost a few years, but recently I discovered this sprawling public beach with sweeping views of the Sound and Long Island as far as the eye can see.

On Compo Beach which is one of the best beaches in Connecticut many people sunbathe or play in the sand on a beautiful day. Compo Beach has convenient parking, beautiful benches overlooking the beach.

Compo Beach has the best playground in town for kids ages 3 to 8 and over if you happen to have kids.

best beaches in Connecticut Compo Beach

Compo Beach has a clean, well-maintained and pleasant beach and is good for collecting shells for those of you who have such a hobby.

These are the Best Hotels near Compo Beach

The Norwalk Inn: I really enjoyed staying at The Norwalk Inn even though I only stayed one night, but it was by far the best I’ve had in any of my previous hotels.

The staff at The Norwalk Inn were very kind to me as well as very friendly and very attentive and provided excellent customer service and near best beaches in Connecticut.

And Here Are The Best Restaurants Near Compo Beach

Paci Restaurant: Paci Restaurant has fantastic food in a stunning setting where the outdoor setting is absolutely perfect.

2. Hammonasset Beach State Park

Hammonasset Beach State Park one of the best beaches in Connecticut is my favorite beach!

The Hammonasset Beach State Park is kept clean, the sand is soft, it’s almost never crowded and the walkways and nature center and camping facilities here are also nice and well organized.

It wasn’t really summer for me until I took a trip to Hammonasset Beach State Park!

best beaches in Connecticut Hammonasset Beach State Park

I often go out with my friends in the late afternoon and stay for the gorgeous sunsets at Hammonasset Beach State Park.

I’ve also camped at Hammonasset Beach State Park a few times as well and it’s also close to the lovely town of Madison for strolling and lots of interesting shops and restaurants.

These are the best hotels near Hammonasset Beach State Park

Madison Beach Hotel: When I got to Madison Beach Hotel it was quite busy when I went so the front desk was a bit overwhelmed but once I settled in the staff were very helpful with ordering I recommended things to do so I really enjoyed my stay here and this place near best beaches in Connecticut.

And Here Are The Best Restaurants Near Hammonasset Beach State Park

KC’s Restaurant and Pub: KC’s Restaurant and Pub has great bar food, attentive staff and a cozy atmosphere there is also Gluten free food and my favorite dish is the Nachos with dipping sauce.

3. Dubois Beach

At that time my friend wanted to do something special for her birthday which according to her wish was something a little different from other years.

So me and my friend visited Dubois beach one of the best beaches in Connecticut and watched the sunset there at that time. I thought It was very beautiful and very warm for that late autumn afternoon.

We grabbed some takeaway burgers which were eaten in the car and went for a walk afterwards and enjoyed the amazing views.

best beaches in Connecticut Dubois Beach

So it’s true that my friend and I found the beach very clean, clean water in the morning, then a lot of natural weeds at Dubois Beach.

However here there are rocks and weeds everywhere in the water, so not great for swimming, but perfect for spending a few hours by the sea at Dubois Beach.

These are the Best Hotels near Dubois Beach

Bellissimo Grande Hotel: At that time I was looking at several hotels and decided to choose the Bellissimo Grande Hotel because a good friend of mine recommended it and then near best beaches in Connecticut.

I chose the mid level suite with the jacuzzi tub in the living room which provided a great opening atmosphere and I thought the bath itself was great to have in a room at the Bellissimo Grande Hotel and I had a comfortable bed and friendly staff.

And here are the Best Restaurants near Dubois Beach

Guanabanas Island Restaurant: Guanabanas Island Restaurant gave me a special evening and sitting in the section overlooking the dusk and ambient lighting, water view, background music was a spectacular setting.

4. Calf Pasture Beach

I visited on the morning of an over 1 day trip to Norwalk or Stamford to come to Calf Pasture Beach one of the best beaches in Connecticut.

Calf Pasture Beach has a clean beach with various facilities such as clean toilets, playgrounds, splash pads, fishing piers, and lifeguards who are ready to keep you safe.

At Calf Pasture Beach there are also good walking trails and views of the small islands and marinas that you can see here.

best beaches in Connecticut Calf Pasture Beach

Plus there are plenty of tables and benches to sit on too but if you want more privacy bring a beach chair or something to fully enjoy your experience at Calf Pasture Beach.

I think Calf Pasture Beach is a gem the first time I set foot here I was immediately captivated by this beach.

Calf Pasture Beach is easily accessible with a variety of beach experiences available to choose from, it’s also a great place to sit in the car and watch the sunset at night in cold or bad weather at Calf Pasture Beach.

These are the Best Hotels Near Calf Pasture Beach

Sleepy Hollow Hotel: I am very happy when I stay at Sleepy Hollow Hotel with very good service and the swimming pool is clean and they have a lot of towels plus you can see a very beautiful landscape view.

And Here Are The Best Restaurants Near Calf Pasture Beach

Pontos Taverna: Pontos Taverna restaurant was my first experience with Greek food and it was great in my opinion.

Good portion sizes, great service and great food with the waiter being very descriptive about all the dishes and offering recommendations on the Pontos Taverna which was great, overall very accommodating.

That’s the story of my experience while on vacation at the best beach in Connecticut.

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