Best Beaches In Nova Scotia

The 3 Best Beaches In Nova Scotia And What To Do With Tips On Where To Stay

Best Beaches In Nova Scotia And What To Do With Tips On Where To Stay. Here are some of the Best Beaches in Nova Scotia that I have visited.

Here are the 3 Best Beaches in Nova Scotia that are really fun to visit

I will discuss 3 best beaches in Nova Scotia‎ namely Carter’s Beach, Ingonish Beach, and Sandy Cove Beach.

1. Carter’s Beach

At that time my friend and I visited Carter’s Beach in the summer although it was about a 3 hour drive where the beach was accessed via a short forest trail.

Carter’s Beach has pure white sand as the first part of the beach is framed by a wild forested headland on the right and you can walk in that direction and you will soon come to the mouth of a small river that enters the sea from the beautiful marshes behind it.

Carter’s Beach is an unexpected beauty of the beach where it looks tropical the water and white sand and I think it’s a beautiful pristine place and also almost no one there and you must see and experience this beautiful coastline.

Best Beaches In Nova Scotia Sandy Cove Beach
Best Beaches In Nova Scotia Sandy Cove Beach

Carter’s Beach is also the best beaches in Nova Scotia for small children where the sand is like a fairy beach which has soft white sand sprinkled with silver sparkles as well as a large beach with a sprinkling of islands with views of clear sea water.

These are the Best Hotels Near Carter’s Beach

White Point Beach Resort: I rented one of the small cottages at White Point Beach Resort which felt private and secluded yet surrounded by the comforts of the resort.

White Point Beach Resort had an excellent buffet breakfast and my dinner was the best dining experience for me and near one of the best beaches in Nova Scotia.

Every member of the White Point Beach Resort staff I met was kind and friendly and the inn is spacious and beautiful, perfectly located from which to explore more of the wonderful surrounding area with ease.

2. Ingonish Beach

Ingonish Beach is a beautiful beach in my opinion and especially when the sand is visible it will look very dancing. and the beach is very close to amenities also conveniently located near Warren Lake.

Ingonish Beach is a rugged and beautiful natural beach you can take a lovely walk on the sandy part and dip your feet into the sea and get an amazing sensation and I think this place one of the best beaches in Nova Scotia.

Ingonish Beach has great parking with great views of South Bay and Keltic Lodge and has warm enough water for swimming plus lots of beautiful rocky beaches and this place is a very inspiring moment.

best beaches in Nova Scotia Ingonish Beach

Being at Ingonish Beach is a real pleasure whether to lie on the beach or walk along the sand or swim at the beach and I think that even though this beach is secluded and hidden it has sand and the Atlantic Ocean in all its glory.

These are the Best Hotels Near Ingonish Beach

Lantern Hill And Hollow: I wish I had more than three nights at Lantern Hill And Hollow because this place is one of the most beautiful places located next to the beach and you can watch the sun rise over the water, or come later and light a fire at night to see the stars in above the sky the best beaches in Nova Scotia.

Lantern Hill And Hollow had a very comfortable bed, a bathroom with a full kitchen, a large living area and a grill outside if you wanted to make dinner and the rooms were spotless.

3. Sandy Cove Beach

My friend and I were amazed by Sandy Cove Beach when we visited it where the difference in water levels at high and low tide is extraordinary and the shells in this area are very beautiful.

My friend and I decided to spend some time at Sandy Cove Beach and I wasn’t disappointed because here has a nice stretch of beach, a little pebbly at the top.

best beaches in Nova Scotia Sandy Cove Beach

When the tide goes out at Sandy Cove Beach the beautiful sand is revealed and the beach is not too busy also quite sheltered and a great beach for families and one of the best beaches in Nova Scotia.

I enjoy the water as I take a leisurely stroll on the flat surface of Sandy Cove Beach where the sandy area ends while mostly rocky, there is some sand at first and at high tide the wide beach comes out.

Sandy Cove Beach has limited parking but is well worth the trip as the beach is absolutely beautiful for walking and beach combing and seeing lots of crabs, lots of beautiful rocks and lots of unique sea glasses.

These are the Best Hotels Near Sandy Cove Beach

Whale Cove Campround Inn, Cottage And Motel: The staff at Whale Cove Campround were great who provided lots of information on things to do in the area and had clean bathrooms and the water was nice and hot which was great as the weather was still cool.

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