7 best cities to retire in South Dakota
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Blessed with The Great Plains Views, Here 7 Best Cities to Retire in South Dakota [Update 2023]

South Dakota offers a great time for retirement with a great view of the Great Plains and many stunning places. Outdoor facilities, low living costs and also the warm communities are second to no one. Here are the 7 best cities to retire in South Dakota.

1. Sioux Falls

Sioux Falls lies on the southeastern edge of South Dakota. As the largest city in the state, it is home to nearly 200,000 people with 12.9% of the population being 65+. It offers over 70 parks and many outdoor facilities. It is an absolutely great place for those who love the outdoors. As a consideration, living cost here is also affordable with 11.4% lower than US cities average.

2. Rapid City

Next 7 best cities to retire in South Dakota is Rapid City. Rapid City offers a great wildlife environment where you can spot bison, wolf, reindeer or elk. Yet it is a safe place for around 76,000 people with 18.3% of them being seniors. It is also affordable for retirees with living costs 7.1% lower than national average.

3. Mitchell

Mitchells is also a town rich in Indian Cultures. You can visit several museums and other historical sites. Mitchells has nearly 15,000 population with 20.1% of them are 65+. It makes this place great for retirement. Not to mention, the cost of living here is 12.3% cheaper than the other cities in the US.

4. Vermillion

The next 7 best cities to retire in South Dakota is Vermillion. It is home to 11,802 people with 9.7% of them being senior citizens. Vermillion lies near the Missouri River and offers many outdoor activities with affordable living costs. It is 12.6% cheaper than the average of the US cities.

5. Aberdeen

Aberdeen has a population of 28,334 people with 17.6% of them being 65+. It is considered as the most affordable cost of living on the list. It is 21.4% lower than the national average. Aberdeen offers facilities close to nature, both indoor or outdoors. There are 14 public parks you can enjoy.

6. Pierre

Pierre is the second smallest town in the US. Populated by 14,000 people with 17.2% of them being 65+. It offers warm and active communities together with the cultures. As the second smallest town in the US, Pierre has affordable living cost with 13.7% lower than the other cities in the US,

7. Watertown

Living your retirement in Watertown is also recommended. It lies between two beautiful lakes, the Kampeska and Pelican. Watertown is the fifth largest city in South Dakota with a population of 22,722 people. It also has 17.8% of senior citizens which make it a good option for retirement. It also offers lower living costs with 18.1% than the national average.

Living your retirement in South Dakota is a good option. Most of the 7 best cities to retire in South Dakota are affordable and they have great communities to live in.

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