7 best cities to retire in Rhode Island
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From Mountains to Beaches, Here Are 7 Best Cities to Retire in Rhode Island

Rhode Island has beautiful beaches and a number of national and state parks. There are several small islands around the coast, including Block Island and Conanicut Island. This state has a changeable climate and is known for its spectacular fall season. Here are the 7 best cities to retire in Rhode Island you may choose.

1. Westerly

Westerly is a city located in the northwestern part of the state, along the Atlantic coast. It offers several beautiful beaches and parks, such as Wilcox Park and Watch Hill. It has a volatile coastal climate, with hot, humid summers and mild winters. With a population around 18,000, living cost in Westerly must be underlined with 13.5% higher than national average.

2. East Providence

East Providence is a small town with a population of 47,171 people. It offers a number of activity options for its residents and visitors alike. There are several restaurants, bars and shops that offer a pleasant shopping and dining experience. Yet it has a 5.3% higher cost of living than the other US cities.

3. Tiverton

The next 7 best cities to retire in Rhode Island is Tiverton. It is a small town with 8,240 people located on the northwest coast of Rhode Island, offering beautiful views of the ocean and islands. Yet, you have to consider the living cost here that is 9.8% more expensive than the national living cost average.

4. Pawtucket

Located in the eastern state of Rhode Island and bordered by Massachusetts and Connecticut, living costs in Pawtucket are more affordable than the others on the list. It is just 5.3% higher than the US average. Pawtucket is home to 75,200 warm and welcoming communities that make it one of 7 best cities to retire in Rhode Island.

5. Woonsocket 

The city is located in the northern part of the state of Rhode Island, bordering Massachusetts and Connecticut. It offers a warm and active community of 43,044 people. There are many activities available for retirees, including exercising, cooking, and visiting museums and art galleries with 5.2% higher living costs.

6. Warwick

Warwick is the home to 82,666 people and it offers several beaches and waterfronts. The city has several parks and green open spaces that offer residents opportunities to exercise and enjoy nature. Warwick has a 5.3% higher living costs compared to the other cities in the US.

7. Central Falls 

Central Falls is a city located in the Berkshires mountain region. The city has several parks and green open spaces that offer retirees to exercise and enjoy its amazing nature. It has a population of 22,192 people and also has a 5.3% more expensive living cost compared to the US cities.

Rhode Island offers a variety of landscapes you can enjoy for retirement. You may choose one of the 7 best cities to retire in Rhode Island above as recommendation. 

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