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The 3 Best Beaches In South Carolina, What to Do and Where to Stay

Best Beaches In South Carolina And What To Do With Tips On Where To Stay. Here are some of the Best Beaches in South Carolina that I have visited.

Here are 3 of the best beaches in South Carolina that have a dream beach

I will discuss 3 best beaches in South Carolina namely Coligny Beach, Cherry Grove Beach and Myrtle Beach.

1. Coligny Beach

Coligny Beach has a clean beach best beaches in South Carolina and everything you need is within walking distance and if you live close by you really don’t need your car at all to come here.

Coligny Beach has lots of food, shopping, great ice cream plus a very beautiful beach and feels very safe.

Coligny Beach is a unique beach, relaxing, not too crowded and the restrooms here are very well maintained so I think this is a good place to visit when you want a vacation at the beach.

best beaches in South Carolina Coligny Beach

I love the sand mats that take you from the front of Coligny Beach to the actual beach and make it so much easier to walk on the fun sand.

At Coligny Beach many shops and restaurants are within walking distance and very friendly to your dog and easy enough to maneuver in a wheelchair for those who need it.

I also had a reunion with my friends at Coligny Beach and had the opportunity to visit this beach again with good service.

These are the Best Hotels near Coligny Beach

Beach House Hilton Head Island: Beach House Hilton Head Island in my opinion really is a hidden gem which has a beautiful place and the staff is amazingly nice and friendly.

I enjoyed live entertainment at Tiki Hut and easy access to the beach from the Beach House Hilton Head Island as well as the many excellent facilities and near best beaches in South Carolina.

2. Cherry Grove Beach

If you want to enjoy the beach without the bustle of tourists then I think Cherry Grove Beach is the most fitting place but be careful if everything closes early so if you want to go for dinner or even order pizza then you have to plan early as some places are closed earlier than around 7-8pm.

We were staying right on the beach and had access to Cherry Grove Beach which was excellent and close to several access points.

Cherry Grove Beach is not very wide so the water is close and I highly recommend you to wear water shoes as there are a lot of shells and shards breaking here and it would be easy to puncture your feet on sharp edges.

best beaches in South Carolina Cherry Grove Beach

Cherry Grove Beach had some rather rough waves when I was there, but the water was very warm and even though the beach was crowded, everyone was polite and no music was too loud here.

I went to Cherry Grove Beach best beaches in South Carolina and found it to be one of my favorite places I will visit again.

Cherry Grove Beach is a hidden gem and it was perfect for us to spend the whole day here and there is a potties porta near the parking lot if you need one.

These are the Best Hotels near Cherry Grove Beach

Avista Resort: When I stayed at Avista Resort I also enjoyed the pool, bar and near best beaches in South Carolina.

I also love being able to rent free movies in the lobby and at Avista Resort it has many facilities for all types of traveller.

3. Myrtle Beach

At that time I was on vacation to Myrtle Beach and my hotel was only a few steps from this beach and I think the area is clean and there are lifeguards patrolling to ensure our safety and it was very windy here but at night I could find tons of sea shells unique and exotic.

My friends and I love Myrtle Beach best beaches in South Carolina because of the wide beaches and friendly people that make me feel more at home here.

best beaches in South Carolina Myrtle Beach

I enjoyed being in Myrtle Beach so much that I rented a house here for a while and here it has a great state park and Brookgreen park is a great place for you to see.

And lastly Myrtle Beach was amazing so I really relaxed and enjoyed myself and my friend also enjoyed this beach then that time I was walking on the beach even got caught in the rain still this beach is very beautiful and gives an amazing moment.

These are the Best Myrtle Beach Hotels

Dunes Village Resort: I had a pleasant stay at Dunes Village Resort where I had a comfortable and very neat room, the employees were friendly and outgoing and check-in was very easy and I think everything here was perfect to make me feel comfortable.

That’s the story of my experience while on vacation at the 3 best beaches in South Carolina.

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