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Tourist Attractions in Nevada County

In Northern California, there exists a chain of towns that sprang up in response to the gold mining rush of several decades ago. One of them is Nevada County.

From a small mining camp, it has transformed over the years to a historic town that boasts of fine architecture and place of prominence in the nation’s history.

I decided to do a spotlight on some of the several tourist attractions in Nevada County as a tribute to its history.

1. Boreal Mountain Resort

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Located in Soda Springs, near Lake Tahoe, this is a ski area that is renowned for skiing and snowboarding activities in Northern California. It boasts of a high speed mid mountain chair and a terrain park for group skiers and snowboarders.

2. Nevada Theatre

This is arguably California’s oldest existing theatre, featuring production and performances from many local groups over the years. The theatre is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

3. Donner Lake

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Although it is not as big or popular as the neighboring Lake Tahoe, Donner Lake is still much loved by the county’s residents. A great fishing spot for trout and salmon, the lake also serves for recreation activities like boating, water skiing, windsurfing and snowshoeing.

4. Tahoe Donner Downhill Ski Area

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This is a skiing area owned by several large home owners in the region and is very popular with tourists from all over the country. It also boasts of a private beach club and marina, equestrian center, golf course, and a recreation center.

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